White Light Festival

Interactive lighting display commissioned by Derry Void & Derry City Council for their White Light Festival. Custom software was written using Processing which tracked people's movements and projected interactive lights and patterns onto the old city walls. This was a collaboration with Charlie Von Metzradt.

Commissioned Installation
3 day festival
Concept, planning and Processing code.

The Festival

The White Light Festival was a 3 day event in February 2008. The aim was to enhance the city of Derry, which often shuts down at night, particularly in the winter months. Derry Void and Derry City Council commissioned a series of art works based around the theme of light. This installation ran each evening for the 3 days of the festival.

”The White Light Festival was a unique contemporary electronic art festival that animated the city centre of Derry throughout the first weekend of March. The project funded by The Business and Cultural Animation Programme for Derry City, N. Ireland increased visual culture in Derry bringing art outside the gallery space into the heart of the city. White Light aimed to revitalise and regenerate the closed ‘after-hours’ appearance of the city centre recreating an attractive cultural hub. The festival targeted the entire community and people of all ages while also attracting people from outside the city.”

Example Video