Web Design - Media Industry

Here is a selection of websites I have designed for clients in the media industry, primarily video production companies and some bands. Usually the focus with this type of client is something with a strong presence. Often they wish to break away from traditional design conventions. The challenge as a designer is how to do that without compromising usability and the core of what visitors need from the site.

Freelance web design projects
Branding, Web Design, XHTML & CSS, ExpressionEngine CMS integration

All of the designs shown are the result of process which has been crafted over the years. It starts out with a design questionnaire to learn what the client needs. This questionnaire importantly avoids discussing colour preferences and veers the conversation towards goals, mood and acts as a guiding post when evaluating and discussing design concepts.

John Hayes - Film & Commercials Director (2008)

I was commissioned to create this site for John Hayes, an Irish film and commercials director. The brief was to create a site that was visually engaging, non-corporate, with a paper, textured feel. I took that brief and evolved it to end up with the concept of a workspace, alluding to the desk where the director himself might work, and where his ideas happen, with sketches, doodles and scruched-up balls of paper.

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Butterfly Explosion - Band Identity and Website (2005)

Identity & website for Dublin-based band The Butterfly Explosion. I created a style that blends elegance and grunge to compliment their music style and create a memorable image of the group. The aim was to create a strong, reusable mark that could be used in a variety of places from CD covers to posters, and in their overall look and feel for online and print communication.

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Butterfly Explosion Screenshot

KIDIC (2007)

The band had been around for a number of years as Kid Icarus and contacted me as they were planning to relaunch as Kidic along with a new publicity push and a new EP.

They wanted a new website and image to go with this new phase. The brief was to create a mature, professional and established impression of the band to separate themselves from many garage bands out there. I achieved their goals with a design that uses strong typography, treated photographs and a simple, reserved yet stylish layout.

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Butterfly Explosion Screenshot