Dynamic Data Visualization

Shown here is the result of a 2 week workshop in data visualization with Shawn Allen of Stamen Design.

Data Visualization workshop at CIID
2 weeks
Shawn Allen (Stamen Design),
Dave Mellis (CIID)
Visual design and Actionscript 3 programming

UN Aids Data

Exploring the potential of data visualization to communicate dynamic information in an evocative way. This visualization parses data from the UN Data site and presents it visually, allowing people to manipulate and change parameter for viewing the data..

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Eurovision Voting Patterns

The Eurovision Song Contest is often criticised for political voting by various countries and so I thought it was a good candidate for exploring using data visualization methods. In this visualization, designed and programmed in Flash Actionscript 3 you can explore the voting patterns and decide for yourself.

You can see some interesting patterns around certain areas like Scandinavia, where you can clearly see local voting taking place.

Also, Poland only received votes from the UK and from Ireland, two countries with quite high polish populations.

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