The Big Picture Exhibition - Touchscreen Kiosk

I worked with The Farm to create a touchscreen kiosk for The Big Picture exhibition for South Dublin County Council. Visitors can browse documents, photos and websites of local development projects. Other features include a game about urban planning wich integrated 3D visuals from The Farm's inhouse team.

One requirement of this software as that it to lock down the system, preventing system messages visitors accidentally, or intentionally acess the file system. The kiosk software has now been installed and running for a few months with no problems.

Exhibition Kiosk
The Farm / Dublin City Council
Design, planning, Actionscript programming.
Flash & SWF Studio.

Images & Screenshots

The kiosks themselves launch the software on startup, so minimal effort is needed by the exhibition staff.
The kiosk pulls data and videos from a larger Content Management System that controls the whole exhibition.

The main screen has five sections, containing information on local development, an interactive game and an embedded web browser

An interactive 3D quiz that teaches people about urban planning in the local area.